Chapter 595

La Feria, TX

          Do You Know Your SIGNS & Markings?


1. _____This sign identifies the runway on which your aircraft is currently located.

2. _____This sign indicates thousands of feet remaining to the end of the runway.

3. _____This marking means the runway or taxiway is closed.

4. _____These lights outline the edges of a runway.

5. _____This array is located at the intersection of two runways and a taxiway.

6. _____This marking indicates where an aircraft is to hold before entering a runway.

7. _____An aircraft that taxis past this sign may interfere with the navigational

               landing aid signals that an approaching aircraft is using.

8. _____Stopping behind this marking will ensure wingtip clearance for aircraft on

               an intersecting taxiway.

9. _____This painted marking indicates the edge of the ILS critical area. Ground

               control may ask you to hold short at this line if an aircraft is using the ILS.

10. _____This sign alerts you that you are approaching a runway and, on a taxiway, is

                 accompanied by a runway holding position marking.

11. _____This sign indicates an area prohibited to aircraft.

12. _____Taxiing past this sign may interfere with operations on the runway even

                 though it is not located at a runway intersection.

13. _____These lights outline the edges of a taxiway.

14. _____These lights are sometimes installed on each side of a taxiway prior to its

                 intersection with a runway.

15. _____This sign identifies the taxiway you’re currently on.

16. _____This marking indicates the edge of a path for vehicle traffic on areas also

                 intended for aircraft.

17. _____This array indicates that you are approaching the intersection of two


18. _____This sign indicates the direction to a destination runway.

19. _____This sign indicates an exit from a runway.

20. _____This painted marking indicates the line between a movement area and a

                 non-movement area on the airport.

21. _____This enhanced taxiway marking indicates that you are approaching the

                 holding position marking.


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